mad in pursuit: greed & arrogance

2004 political season

These entries represent my experience with blogging -- and political commentary -- during 2004. They were originally on a Salon/Radio Userland site.

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11.18.04 G&A: Clear the way for Arnold?


11.8.04 G&A: Scratching my head

11.8.04 Fascinating

11.9.04 G&A: Works of mercy


11.3.04: Post-election worries

11.4.04 G&A: What are the options?


10.25.04 G&A: Hearts & Minds


10.28.04 G&A: Outfoxed


10.19.04 G&A: Lessons for the Reality-Based


10.10.04 G&A: Put greed to work!


10.15.04 G&A: Mary Cheney


10.3.04: G&A Kerry & the Chimp


10.5.04 G&A: Expectations for VP debate

10.6.04 G&A: Edwards wins on facts


10.8.04 G&A: Bush as Chief Intelligence Executive


9.26.04 G&A: George's sausage factory


9.29.04 G&A: A modest proposal


9.12.04 G&A: Not Safer


9.14.04 G&A: News of Iraq


8.29.04 G&A: Hope? Counterforces against the corporate planet


8.30.04 G&A: the prolife principle


8.31.04 G&A: Republicans on valium, or something


9.1.04 G&A: Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition



9.3.04 G&A: Feith office: watch this story unfold



8.23.04 G&A: Cycles of history

8.24.04 G&A: Vietnam resurges


8.27.04 G&A: Censorship & the corporate planet


8.20.04 G&A: The end is near


8.8.04 G&A: Who is the girlie-boy?


8.1.04 G&A: intelligence czar

8.2.04 G&A: the fog of war


8.4.04 G&A: Lynndie England, All-American



8.6.04 G&A: A wistful moment for idealistic times past


7.30.04 G&A: Opinion about Democrats

7.31.04 G&A: the looming voting scandal


7.20.04 G&A: Descent into chaos

7.21.04 G&A: Cheney's big deals


7.12.04 G&A: Pinball kids


7.15.04 G&A: When You Wish Upon A Star


7.4.04 G&A: Right to have babies


6.28.04 G&A: Michael Moore, NY Needs You


6.20.04 G& A: American mullah and message to John Kerry


6.24.04 G&A: The Empire State has no clothes


6.16.04 G&A: Deadwood's Al Swearengen as God

6.17.04 G&A: fundamentalist education


6.7.04 G&A: Volunteer Army

6.8.04 G&A: American smiles

6.9.04 G&A: What ever happened to journalism?


6.1.04 G&A: Jewish settlers


6.3.04 G&A: Bill of Rights, anyone?


5.23.04 G&A: Blame it on sports

5.24.04 G&A: A lesson from the Soviets


5.28.04 G&A: Michael Moore

5.29.04 G&A: The chilling vision of Democracy in Iraq


5.15.04 G&A: The actions of a few


4.25.04 G&A: Bush's Iraq + U.N. Strategy


4.27.04 G&A: Kerry should learn from the Bushies

4.28.04 G&A: Separation of Powers: the Right to Operate in Secret


4.18.04 G&A:  Gambling on Mutually Assured Destruction

4.19.04 G&A: We must all be responsible for terrorism

4.20.04 G&A: Watch Terry Gilliam's "Brazil"

4.21.04 Apparently Cronies Rule the World

4.21.04 Iraqi Antiquities: Protectors and Pillagers

4.22.04 G&A: More on cronies


4.24.04 G&A: Let them eat cake


4.17.04 G&A: Food for Oil Scandal


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