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6.28.04 Michael Moore, NY Needs You

Today, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle published a page full of outraged letters addressing legislative inaction in Albany NY. Mine was one of them.


Due to lack of space, they left out the first 2 paragraphs, but here it is in full:


NY’s legislature is not the kookiest among the 50 states, but it is proof that our right to vote doesn’t guarantee a government “for the people.” Our once-progressive state has stalled out. Federal money goes untapped. Counties and schools are fiscally strangled. Innovation is dead.

Reform? They can’t even get a law enacted. Throw the bums out? Only 30 incumbents have lost in 2,300 re-election campaigns in 22 years. Constitutional convention? Same bums. Court action? Ignored.

The only path left is public pressure – driven by an alliance of journalists, opinion-shapers, bloggers, and movie-makers. My 5-Point Plan:

(1) Name the well-functioning states. Newspapers should publish ongoing graphic comparisons with NY on key indicators: legislative functioning; progress in reform on social issues and business environment; and outcome indicators such as poverty rates and job growth. Aim for shame.


(2) Gallagher and other journalists should take the gloves off and put into simple tabloid terms the heavy-handed power politics in Albany – bosses, backrooms, and retaliation for stepping out of line. Go national.


(3) Use the network of bloggers to keep the drums beating.


(4) Invite Michael Moore in to do a movie.


(5) Get a governor who cares – an experienced reform-minded policy wonk who doesn’t mind staying up all night to get the job done. I think Bill Clinton’s available.





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