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7.20.04 Descent into Chaos

I wonder how we will look back on these days. Will history view the W administration as forgetable as, say, the Polk administration? Or will it be viewed as the tragic tipping point - the moment when our dear enlightened republic turned stupid and thuggish? Will students be memorizing stuff like the 225-year Classic Era of the U.S.A., followed by the Dark Era? The Dark Era: bellicose leaders at the top joined with corrupt multi-national corporations, ruling over a population who think churches are more important than schools and reality TV is more relevant than news. Perhaps it will be a society obsessed with sin and sinners, with an economy supported by gambling and cigarette taxes. Oh, maybe the only sins that count are sex and abortion anyway. Who can argue with greed and gluttony anymore?

Remember when Islam stood out in contrast with the Christian Dark Ages -- when they saved us from centuries of having to do math with Roman numerals? What the heck happened to them? Nothing to say that our smarty-pants American culture can't go the same route.

It's creepy enough that the Bush administration set us on a course of ruination. It's even creepier that 50% of eligible voters still say they want to vote them back into office.

Where is the next enlighted civilization? Who is out there using their brains? Japan had their star turn in the eighties, but they fizzled out as a global influence. China? Interesting potential, but I can't see anything beyond a population-driven economic engine. Will Europe rise again? Hard to say. But it's an interesting question to ponder in case I decide to become an expatriot...





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