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10.6.04 Edwards Wins on Points

Edwards' grade is A-minus. Cheney's grade is B-minus. I am a Democrat and Kerry supporter, so their performance does not affect my vote. My concern was how each man would advance the cause of their ticket. Since my man is Edwards, I needed him to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."

Edwards was in command of his facts and insisted on clarifying misleading statements made by Cheney. The bee. He was able to attack without losing his cool. And he weathered attacks with some grace --but never turning the other cheek. The butterfly.

For Cheney to appeal beyond his Republican base, I expected him to appear avuncular and ready with the kind of concrete plans that show experience. If he is the policy brain behind Bush, then he should prove it.

Cheney appeared to have more facts at hand than Bush did. However, he has an unfortunate record of making half-truths and falsehoods sound credible, so I don't know what to believe. I did hear some stump speech factoids about Kerry's record that have already been disproved. He tried to sound like the voice of experience but fell back on attacking Kerry's record when cornered.

Overall, Edwards advanced the Democratic agenda, without scoring a knock-out punch. Cheney got style points for being more detail-oriented and serene than Bush, but did not adequately address his administration's incompetence in pursuing the correct strategy against terrorism.

[Published this morning in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. They left out a phrase in the last paragraph: "than Bush."]





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