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11.03.04 Post-Election Worries

I am pondering what to do and only delicately dipping my toes into the icy waters of Nov. 3 reality. I don't want to hear Kerry being brave. I don't want to see Bush smirk. I don't want to hear wiseass TV pundits "analyze" for me "what went wrong."

I'm disturbed. I don't know what to do next. I agree with Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo:

Setting aside my general political leanings, my personal views and feelings of partisanship, I think the result portends very bad things for America's role in the world and the well-being on all levels of this country. Changes in domestic politics, in theory at least, can be shifted back at a following election. The world, though, is different. There we are just a ship -- though the largest one -- on waters we can never truly control. And I fear that this result will set in motion dangerous dynamics that even the relatively young among us will be wrestling with and contending with for the rest of our lives.

I guess I also have to agree with James Wolcott that "there's bitter clarity to knowing the worst." He says:

The election was a victory for George Bush and Rovianism... It was also a victory for Osama Bin Laden. I don't believe for a moment Bin Laden was trying to sway voters to Kerry with his taped address. This was the outcome he wanted, a gift from us to him: an unapologetic Christian Crusader in the White House whose reelection giving lie to the notion that Abu Ghraib was an aberration and that the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians weigh upon America's conscience. This morning America could not look more like a grinning aggressor to the Arab world, an aggressor with fresh marching orders.

That's what bothers me most -- Americans now looking like the cheering masses behind the evil imperialist.

Bull Moose has this to say.

The Moose has no doubt that the Elephant will over-reach in the second Bush term. Second terms have been historically ugly for Presidents... 

All of this is not to mean that the donkey can relax and watch the elephant implode. Far from it. As the Moose has mentioned, Democrats need a major overhaul. They cannot concede the south and expect to lay claim to the White House and Congress any time soon. Organization is fine - ideas and message are far superior. It also wouldn't hurt the donkey to get in touch with rural voters and the exurbs... And ... it wouldn't hurt if some Democratic elites attended Pentecostal camp meetings.

And he goes on to say this:

The Moose notes that the power of social issues far outweighed the factors of the youth vote or the "wired revolution." Obviously, the Moose is fond of the internet, but neither cyberspace nor 527's are substitutes for finding a way to reach middle and lower income voters who are motivated to vote by their perceptions that Democrats are "soft" on moral values. Without changing their principles, Democrats must find a language and a sensitivity to communicate to voters of faith who might agree with the party on economic concerns. And where were the youth voters inspired by the Deaniac Revolution and invisible to pollsters because they own cell phones rather than hard lines? Joe Trippi call your office.

Damn, it's ugly. Andrew Sullivan adds this:

A lot of gay people are devastated this morning, and terrified. We have seen, and not for the first time, how using fear of a minority can be so effective a tool in building a political movement. The single most important issue for Republican voters, according to exit polls, was not the war on terror or Iraq or the economy. It was "moral values." Karl Rove understood the American psyche better than I did. By demonizing gay couples, the Republicans were able to bring in whole swathes of new anti-gay believers into their party. With new senators Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn, two of the most anti-gay politicians in America, we can only brace ourselves for what is now coming.

I'm not feeling any better. The dough-faced Karl Rove is an evil man who cares nothing for the principles this country was founded on. He sees no immorality in building a path to power that taps into people's deepest insecurities about anyone different from themselves. Since when did intolerance and fear-mongering (which is hate-mongering in sheep's clothing) turn into "moral values"?

The pendulum always swings. Evil snarls and marches triumphantly. Eventually, it collapses... but how long will it take and what price will be paid.

No comfort.





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