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Saturday, 1.6.07: Week In Review

Planet Susan slowly revs up for 2007.

Started the New Year with serious navel gazing. An excuse to stay glued to the chair, really.

Snapped out of it late morning New Year's Day, when Heidi called and we decided to convene her clan over at our place for our late Christmas. Suddenly there was a reason to go back to hanging pictures and getting our new space organized.

Tuesday it was back to yoga class after near two weeks of sloth.

Can't say the week added up to much more ambition, but my little attempt at "yoga lessons" gave me an incentive to get out my drawing board and pens.

Pride goeth before the fall. Made the mistake of mentioning to someone that our living room was "finished." So of course, the bedroom toilet decided to spring a leak — soaking and staining the newly repaired living room ceiling before we noticed. Our wonderful contractor Brian stopped by on his way home from a long day and cured the leak, no charge. I'm hoping that when the ceiling dries out, restoration will involve only some paint and a little retexturing.

Brian will redo the ceiling. It crossed my mind that I could do it myself (dabs of white paint), but the whole problem started when Jim bravely replaced the toilet's faulty float valve, with advice from his friendly Home Depot "assistant." This is why plumbers make a good living — Brian said that one "fix" in the system can knock something else out of whack that bites your ass later. (Just like our bodies, eh?) So we're swearing off any home repairs involving plumbing, electricity, or ladders.

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