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Saturday, 1.13.07: Week In Review

Weird energies on Planet Susan — got a few things done, but seemed to be working in s-l-o-o-w motion.

Finally posted a page on my sound art production "Respectacle." It's a weird little piece, but I learned a lot doing it. And it did make it into the Third Coast Festival archives.

Monday. Air tickets to Ireland. Yippee! Now we need to plan what we're actually going to do there.

Tuesday. Breakfast out with an old friend. Then Jim and I went on errands together, including a trip to the bookstore to get some Ireland guides.

Wednesday. Finally dug into my Ebay stack and got some auctions ready to begin on Saturday.

Household beautification. We continued our efforts to find a place for everything that came out of the living room before we remodeled, trying to find Just The Right Place for everything. Our goal is to fill every surface (again), but to make it look magical rather than merely eccentric. "The girls" are coming over next week, so a little basic housekeeping is also in order.

Thursday. Tried to do some drawing directly into my Macromedia Flash software. Crappy results.

Ambitions. None. Trying to learn meditation. It's supposed to plunge you into the fullness of your being, but so far it's only made me pull a few books on Zen Buddhism off our art history bookshelves. Just like me to get totally analytical over something that is supposed to open up your intuitive energies.

Friday. Took a "sick day." No computer work. No yoga class. No radio. Stretched out on my couch and read some books

Slept till 9 AM this morning. A-h-h-h-h....

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