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Saturday, 7.28.07: Week In Review

An active week on Planet Susan. Highlights:

Guests. July has been filled with such quiet contemplation that it was great to have the hustle and bustle of Anny and Terry's visit. Even the advance housecleaning was a much needed change of pace.

Consultation with my favorite client Kathy McD on website design. Most valuable service: confirming her perception that the page design she inherited was done by slobs. I started a tutorial on page layout coding, but only got so far.

Thomas BarrettFamily history. Didn't do any writing this week. Cleaned up a First Communion photo of my grandfather.

But this is what family history obsession does to you: I wanted to see a photo of the boat that the Barrett family arrived on in New Orleans in 1847. But when I googled "ship Yucatan" I found out the ship did not even go into service till 1890. A look at the handwritten heading on the actual ship manifest showed that the ship was not the "Yucatan" but something... indecipherable. Grrr... I spent a couple hours going through New Orleans immigrant ship information all over the web and finally came up with the ship name: Mertoun! It's totally crazy to track down these extraneous facts. But on the way I did pick up some more information about the Irish in New Orleans and the immigrant surge of 1847, which I added to my page.


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