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Saturday, 8.4.07: Week In Review

A make-a-list, get-it-done kind of week. Highlights:

August. Decided to get ahead of my August doldrums with a plan. Kathleen told me add modifying my self-portrait graphic with more hair, but... some experiments are better left unspoken of. I decided to stylize some photos instead. I think the one to the left is a little too aren't-we-cool-corporate, but that's what came out for now.

I did forge ahead with other August goals:

Set up my first set of ebay auctions in months. Took several afternoons — I'm out of practice getting things lined up fast.

Went to the local farmer's market yesterday with Jim: blueberries, peaches, potatoes, corn, "micro-greens" (halfway between sprouts and regular salad greens), and basil enough for a big batch of pesto. I'm still reading "Walden," so feeling very earthy.

Today, going on another road trip — to rural Yates County for the Garlic Festival and for the Menonite Farm & Craft Market. Can you get more exciting than that???

A bit of progress on my family history writing project.

Fish Tales. My third Fish Tales from the Towpath column was published in the August edition of the "Canal Times." Yay! The editor also accepted a fourth column for their final edition of the season, in September. I decided to submit one about fishing with my nephew Patrick. I had wanted to do extra columns for the online edition, but I guess the editor wanted to "feature" me in their print version — I've decided print is more prestigious (advertising must be sold), even if it is "old technology."

Learning. Struggled with learning Adobe In-Design. Made me feel as retarded as my sister felt trying to learn Dreamweaver. I need some tutorials.


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