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Week In Review

1.24.09 My superpowers are diminished, probably from fighting off a particularly evil cold virus. But wasn't it great to witness Obama's inauguration?

Continuing my 40-minutes for 40 days regime. It's hard to meditate first thing since I wake up with my mind chattering, so I decided to grab the notebook and scribble down whatever. Then 20 minutes of zazen. I think this works better

More drawing practice. Going from drawing things to figuring out the decorative patterns in caarvings, carpets and embroideries. I researched and labeled every object in the drawing below but, oops, too small to read here. I also organized my markers, by color groups -- wow.


Drawing lead to cataloging. This falls under my duties as household curator.

While having fun cataloging, I leapt at an opportunity to assist Lesley with a promo animation she was trying to make from a powerpoint presentation.

Social. Our scuba club reunion was a blast. It was great to see some of the old gang and look at slides from our gorgeous 1980s vacations in the Caribbean -- and didn't we all look fabulous back then. Being a scuba diver in northern climes means diving in cold water and making sport of shivering. So, naturally, the party was held at a county park cabin. In theory the cabin was heated... so it was 12 degrees outside and, let's say, 35 degrees inside. Maybe this is why my cold decided to linger on...

Radio. KUOW 94.9 Puget Sound Public Radio has licensed 'War Rugs: What Little Girls Make' for broadcast.

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