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3.28.09 This restless feeling must be spring fever. Not much of a time for wrenching stories from my deep inner being. Deep inner being is saying "whatever." So, I continue with inventories, looking for new tools, finding interesting people, figuring out what's going on in the world besides politics and recession.

Getting the hang of new Facebook organization. Helps to divide my friends into Rochester, Family, Writers, and Oldies lists.

fooling aroundGetting the hang of Twitter. Following 42 interesting people, incl. magazines and news outlets. Keeping it open on my desktop in TweetDeck or smaller Twhirl widget. Learning to use Search. Responding now and then. The good tweets contain informative links to follow. Me: "madinpursuit," 30 followers (rearranged a design for my Twitter profile, see left). Using my Google Bookmarks (accessible from any computer) to keep track of generally useful sites. Now using Delicious public bookmarking to tag specific articles with useful information ("madinpursuit" here too).

Adding some art news searches to Google Reader, along with the (mostly political, techno) blogs I follow. Then I can scan through these on my iPhone standing in line at the grocery store, in bed, etc.

Rochester photos. Pulled out a collection of Rochester "ancester" photos Jim has nicely organized by photographer. We offered to donate these to the Rochester Historical Society but the librarian there told us in so many words to "get lost." Now what?

Animation. Cranked up my AfterEffects to do a tiny animation of a old drawing. Wow, how fast I get rusty! Ugh.

Planning a vacation. 10 days or so off East Coast shoreline. Tentative overnights: Jersey shore, Outer Banks, Charlston, Daytona (definite!), Savannah, Cape Fear, somewhere in Delaware, home. End of April. Hope hurricane season doesn't come early.

Social. Hosted a "salon" last Saturday for a few art and philosophy lovers. Very interesting people. We should have people over more often but we are lazy about organizing.

Craigslist. Never used it before. Working myself up to selling a couple large rugs that we will never use again.

Exercise. Managed two long walks and two yoga classes after two weeks of goofing off. Pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Damn.

Recommended movie. "Gonzo: the story of Hunter Thompson." Story of an era as well as a crazy-gifted writer. Gave me chills now and then to see how history repeats itself.

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