Log (thoughts along the way)

In the beginning... (13 Oct 2012)


Four-Box Flow Mindmap

Mentor Beings, Role Models and Other Saints

Who are your mentors? Introductory meditation at the "wish-granting gem tree" (15 Feb 2007)

Feast days and patron saints

Seasons and Rhythms


Travel Season: Diagram, methods and practices

Attitude Adjustment Season. Longing, anger, sadness, nostalgia, joy, curiosity, fearful/anxious, organizing, gift-giving/generosity. [Add page of inspirations for each mood.]

Writing Season: Manifesto

Methods and Tools.

Idea Bank

Beyond Me. Contents of journal entries on religious/spiritual themes, largely during my discovery phase (2006-2007)

Celtic Catholicism: In"Celtic Christianity: A Sacred Tradition, a Vision of Hope" Timothy Joyce OSB points out 6 themes that come from the ancient Celts to the Christian church. "These are enduring traits," he says, "which, to me, identify the Celtic personality still alive and influential today." (22 Apr 2007)

Mad In Pursuit Energy Cards. Ignite your purpose. Hotwire your genius. (Includes the Artist Adventure Kit.)

Additional Material