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Energy Cards

Ignite your purpose. Hotwire your genius.

Artist Adventure Kit. Play. Stimulate your creativity. (Updated 10.3.10)

Throat Chakra: TELL! Short, inspirational VIDEO.

Chakras for Artists. Where are you in your project? What's your essential task? What are the risks of not tending to this? What are the risks of being stuck?

Meditation on the creative life-cycle. A little story (10.3.10)

Great Dames Take Naps. Healthy chakras on the liberating inner journey and the productive sojourn in this world. VIDEO

Chakra presentation created for Joanne Panarisi, Intrinsic Wisdom (Interactive FLASH slideshow)

Chakra Hero. What adventure are you ready for? Great start on a Flash experiment... abandoned. An attempt to link female movie characters with hero roles.

Resource Page. A very personal selection of inspirational sources. (in progress)

4.13.08 (rev 9.30.10)

Aren't we always the hero of our own drama?