Mad In Pursuit


I'm Susan Barrett Price. Mad In Pursuit has been my online journal, business platform and creative workshop since 1999.

Since retiring from human services administration in 2003, I've been telling stories, seeking adventure and living the art life. I'm a restless writer of manifestos, like this one, from Zuzu's Notebook:

Writing. Passion and Peril on the Silk Road: A Thriller in Pakistan and China is a novel about art dealers on the run and was inspired by my own experiences in Central Asia.

My second book is the illustrated novella Tribe of the Breakaway Bead: Book of Exits and Fresh Starts.

Video & sound production. Find my moviemaking at Cosmopolitan Productions and my radio work at CosmoRadio.

Art and artifacts. I've also spent a lot of time researching and reflecting on art and cultural artifacts. I've met many kindred spirits publishing art-related essays on Mad In Pursuit and posting photographs on Flickr under Cosmorochester Collects.

I continue to learn. And I have much to share.