Barretts of Catawissa: Family Tree

The Family of Mary Gardiner and Patrick Barrett


Patrick Barrett

Born: 1828?, County Mayo, Ireland (Every source gives a different year of birth.)
Emigrated from Ireland on board the steamship Mertoun; landed in the port of New Orleans, 10 May 1847, with his parents Martin and Nelly and 5 siblings: Thomas, Martin, Catherine, John, and Sally.
Died: June 1905, Catawissa MO.

Mary Gardiner Barrett

Born: 1820? Ireland
Emigrated from Ireland to the port of New Orleans with her brother. He died there of yellow fever and she migrated to St. Louis some time prior to 1849.[1]
Died: 1906 [2]

1849 Marriage: Oct 21, 1849, St. Louis MO. Lived on Green Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets, a block north of Washington Avenue (5th Ward). (Learn more>>>)

1850 Census: Living in 4th Ward, St Louis, with Owens family. No employment listed for Pat.

1854: 7Aug, the Nativist riot raged along Morgan St west of 2nd, killing 10, wounding at least 30 and destroying 93 Irish dwellings and businesses in the neighborhood where Pat and Mary likely continued to live. It was kicked off by voter suppression efforts on election day. [St Louis Today]

1860 Census: Apparently not yet in Calvey Township, Franklin County (all census data browsed 4 Jun 2012)

1863: Jul 1. All men had to register for the Civil War draft. Patrick Barrett appears to have been among them.

1870, 1880 Census: living as farmers in Catawissa (Calvey Township, Franklin County) MO. In 1870 all 7 children are at home. In 1880, Frank, Mary, Katie, Martin are at home along with an 14-year-old orphaned farmhand George Dunn. Son John is living in the adjoining cabin (I think) with his wife and first child. (Learn more >>>)

1900 Census: Pat & Mary living in Catawissa with daughter Katie, her husband Wm. Timlin (farmer) and their 6 children. Nearby is son John Barrett (farmer), his wife Catherine, and their 6 kids. Again, I think these are the adjoining log cabins, with the carriage-way in between.

CHILDREN (Generations 2, 3, and 4)

Only included down to Pat and Mary's great-grandchildren (where available), with a few exceptions.

All though a contemporary history [1] tells us that Mary had 10 children, only 7 are accounted for. We assume the other 3 died in infancy. While the tough Irish immigrant parents lived till they were around 80, their children did not fare as well. Their oldest, John, lived till he was 70. The two youngest — Jane and Martin — died in their teens. The rest — Frank, Bridget, Catherine, and Mary — all died in their forties after marrying and having families.

John Barrett

Born April, 1850 [6], St. Louis MO. (See also here.) Died: 1920, age 70

Marriage: 1877, Catherine Brennan (daughter of Thomas and Ann McAllaster)[1]

1850, 1860 Census: with parents (above)

1870, 1880, 1900 Census: Catawissa (Calvey Township, Franklin County) MO

1910, 1920 Census: 4041 Connecticut St, St Louis MO. Worked as a railroad watchman till the year he died at age 70. 1930 widow still living here, with oldest 3 girls


Mary Ann (Mayme) Barrett

b. 1878. Worked as a milliner (hat maker) [3, 7, 8]

Jane Barrett

b. 1880. Worked as a saleslady [3,7] and file clerk [8]

Catherine Barrett

b. 1882. Worked as a dressmaker/seamstress [3, 7, 8]

Martin Barrett

(b. 1884; d. 1957; m. Anna [b. abt 1888]. Worked as a chauffeur [3] and as a meat butcher in a grocery [8]. His family lived at 2859 Union in St Louis [7] and 9020 Burton Av, in Overland, MO. [8]


...Loretta (b. 1914) "Loretta Barrett was the same age as Mary, my sister, and I think they were buddies for a while and my mother evidently visited them or they visited us." [5]

...Martin T (b. 1918),

...George B (b. 1924)

Margaret Barrett

b. 1886

Thomas Barrett

b. 1891. Worked as a billing clerk for a construction company [7]

Francis "Frank" Thomas Barrett

Frank BarrettBorn 1852 St. Louis. Died 3 April 1899 of "paralysis of heart" in St Louis (also recorded as 2 Apr 1899), about age 47. Death certificate says age 45.

Married Ellen Gibbons abt 1881 (b. abt 1851; d. 12 Sept 1931). [At the 1880 Census, he was still single and living with parents.]

Moved from Catawissa family farm back to St. Louis some time after Mamie was born in 1885.

1890 Living at 2214 Chippewa, St. Louis MO. Working as a laborer. Listed as Frank T. Barrett. [9]

1899 Living at 2217 Chippewa, St Louis MO. Working as a night watchman. [10]

Photo (right): assumed to be Frank Barrett tintype


Thomas Patrick Barrett

b. 24 Dec 1882, Catawissa MO; m. Catherine Flanagan 22 Nov 1912; d. 1 Oct 1926, St. Louis MO at age 43. (Learn more >>>)

1900 Census: Living at 1415 North 7th, St. Louis MO, with his mother and 3 younger siblings, working as a shipping clerk.

Tom Barrett1910 Census: Living at 4841a Easton Ave, St. Louis MO, with his mother and 3 younger siblings. Tom was a "merchant" running the grocery store downstairs; his brother Francis was employed as his salesman.

1913 City Directory: Living at 4152 Lexington Av (which would continue to be his mother's home), St. Louis MO, operating a grocery store at 4841 Easton Av.

1918 Draft Registration,1920 Census : Living at 5900A Cote Brilliante, above their grocery store


... Mary Margaret Barrett Hohmann b. 9 Nov 1913; m. Lester Hohmann; children: George Hohmann, Barbara Hohmann Holland, Tom Hohmann, Jim Hohmann

... Robert Patrick Barrett b. 1 Apr 1919; d. 1 May 1942

... William Thomas Barrett [aka Thomas William] b. 1 Apr 1919; m. Lillian Demme (b. 1922); children: Robert Barrett [deceased in in early 20s, during Navy Basic Training], Catherine Margaret Barrett Goergens, Carmen Marie Barrett. D. 6 Nov 2007.

... Kathleen Ellen Barrett Price b. 23 Mar 1925; m. Walter Price 14 Jun 1947; children: Susan Barrett Price, Thomas Barrett Price, Ellen Patrice Price Stretch, Kathleen Anne Price McDermott. See also Kathleen's Timeline, covering her family through 1947.

Francis Barrett

b. 8 Feb 1884, Catawissa MO; m. Molly Curran; d. 1 Jun 1950, St Louis MO

1940 City Directory: Operated confectionery at 5310 St. Louis Ave and lived at 2519 Semple Avenue


... Frank Barrett b. Jan 11, 1917; d. about 1945 in Germany, during WW II. Married to Marie Barrett.

... Florence (Florrie) Barrett b. Aug 5, 1919; d. Dec 16, 1944 of leukemia in Guadalcanal, during WW  II.

BARRETT BROTHERS PARK, on Goodfellow and St Louis, in north St Louis, was named for these 2 fallen soldiers.

... Ella Rose Barrett b. Feb 12, 1921; d. 2005. Married to Winkler; children Mary, David, John...

... Jack Barrett b. Jan 5, 1924; d. 1929

... Delaney Barrett b. Aug 24, 1927; d. Aug 15, 1995 in Akron OH

Mary Ellen "Mamie" Barrett Coleman

b. abt 1885, in Catawissa MO; m. William "Mickey" Coleman; d. 19 Nov 1954, St Louis MO. Worked as a seamstress [7] and then a "forelady" [8] in a shirt factory. No children.

Catherine "Katie" Barrett Dyer

b. 4 Aug 1896 in St Louis MO; m. Charles "Chas" Dyer, 11 Nov 1930; d. 27 Aug 1982. Worked as a stenographer for dentist [7] and optometrist [8]. No children.

Bridget Barrett Geatley

Born 2 Feb 1857, Catawissa MO. Died 21 June 1905, about age 48.

Married John Greatley (b. abt 1844 in New Orleans, son of Luke Geatley and Margaret Quigley — both born in Ireland )

1880, 1900 Census: living in Meramec Township, Jefferson County MO. John is a farmer, Bridget "keeps house." Had 3 "servants" — 2 farmhands and a housekeeper.


Mary Theresa (Mamie) Geatley Dailey

b. 1878; d. 1967; m James J Dailey, who married Virginia after Mayme's death

[Listed as "Eliza May" in 1900 Census]

Margaret Geatley Breen

b. abt 1880; m George Breen

Luke Geatley

b. 1881; 1910 Census, living with the McLaughlins [3]; m to Rose Fitzgerald

Anna (Sr Beatrice) Geatley

b. 1883. Became a nun, order of St. Joseph

Martin Geatley

b. 1885. 1920 living with the Bernard Sheve family [7]

Kathryn/Catherine (Sr Hortensia) Geatley

b. 1886. Became a nun, order of St Joseph

John Geatley

b. 1893; m Edna Kendrick

Frank Geatley

b. 1894; m Annabelle Forthman

Ambrose Geatley

b. 1898; m Cecil Young

Mary Barrett McLaughlin

Born 1859 [3], Catawissa MO. Died evidently before 1910 Census, in her forties.

Married Michael McLaughlin (b. about 1856, in Ireland) [3]

1900 Census. Living with Michael and son Thomas at 5230 Wells, St Louis MO. Michael working as a brick mason.

1910 Census. Michael and son Thomas J lived at 4122 Grand Av and both worked as "salesmen" in a grocery store. Living with them was Michael's nephew Luke Geatley (see above). They also had a 41-year-old German servant woman living with them.


Thomas J McLaughlin

b. 16 Nov 1884; m. Julia Agnes Kelly; m#2. Mary O'Neill

"Thomas McLaughlin had a grocery store on Easton Ave, They had money and a home in Lake Forest.  However, he was caught selling oleo for butter and did a stint in prison because of it. But came out smelling like a rose. He and his wife, Agnes used to play bridge with Mom and Ewald. However, Agnes went to her grave worried about finding her missing son, Thomas.  Never found." [5]

Children with Julia Agnes Kelly (1895-1951)

...Barrett T McLaughlin b. Nov 1912; m.1936, Nancy Ellen Henderson (1916-1990); enlisted 24 Feb 1944; d. 22 Nov 1944 in Germany. Two children.

...Gloria McLaughlin b. 23 March 1921; m. Ed Behrens, 2 daughters; d. 19 Jun 1993

...Thomas McLaughlin b. 14 Mar 1926; MIA Germany, declared dead 1949

Catherine "Katie" Barrett Timlin

Born 29 July 1860 Catawissa MO. Died 1 April 1906 in Catawissa MO, age 45.

Married William Timlin (b 1859, County Mayo Ireland, son of Stephen Timlin and Kate Cronin; d 6 Nov 1942)

1900 census: The Timlins were living with Katie's parents Patrick and Mary on the farm. 1910 census: After the death of his wife and parents-in-law, William continued to live in Calvey Township with his children.


Mary Jane "Mamie" Timlin Pedrotti

b. Dec 1886; m Dennis Pedrotti; d 13 Dec 1947

1930 census: Dennis living at 8024 North Av, St Louis MO. with the 4 children. Mamie was not listed with the family. Dennis was working as a carpenter.

...Mary Catherine Pedrotti b. about 1918

...Francis Pedrotti b 1919; d 1941 Pearl Harbor

...Rita Pedrotti b 1924; d 1998

...Margaret Pedrotti b. abt 1923

Catherine "Kate" Timlin Pedrotti

b 17 Nov 1888; m Richard Pedrotti 3 May 1919 - he was a widower with 4-6 children; d 26 July 1942

Ellen "Ella" Agnes Timlin

b Apr 1890; d 13 Oct 1964

Martin Timlin

b 6 Nov 1891; d 21 May 1954

William Francis Timlin

b 6 Nov 1893; d. 1 Sept 1961

Patrick A Timlin

b Dec 1894; m Ruth Smith b 1898; d 31 July 1998


Margaret C Timlin Sheve

b 15 Sept 1901; m Herman Scheve, 19 Jan 1924; d 8 Feb 1993 [2]

...Rita Scheve m Vincent Campana

...Mary Scheve m William Probst

...Herman Scheve m Monica Rottler

...William Francis "Frank" Scheve m Mary "Detta" Poliak

...Patricia Scheve m Bruce Gardiner

...Marcella "Marcie" Scheve m Norvell Benoist

...James Aloysius "Al" Scheve m June Hanselman

Jane Barrett

Born 15 July 1862, Catawissa MO. Died 1 Apr 1876, Catawissa MO (Rock Church Lot 46), abt age 14.

Martin Barrett

Born 10 Jun 1864, Catawissa MO. Died 13 Nov 1882, Catawissa MO (Rock Church Lot 46), abt age 18.


Map: farmland owned by the Barrett family in 1898 in Calvey township, near Catawissa, MO. From Franklin County plat book.

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