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Same Old Shillelagh

Maybe everyone has a personal song or two -- something you know you can sing if someone pushes a microphone at you, some little ditty you know all the words to, a tune that fits your vocal range. In case there are howls of laughter, it's better if the song was supposed to be funny. But beware, the songs a girl sings in front of a party crowd may turn into her children's lullabies.

My mother didn't have one Song, but more of a repertoire. This song is a little too uptempo for a lullaby but I do recall her singing it to me when I was little. 

When she was a teenager, her family had a thoroughly modern tabletop record player that also cut records. When I went through the old stack recently to convert the 78s to digital, "The Same Old Shillelagh" got 3 solos and one group sing. 

Here's a funny thing. When I searched the net for the words, the best I came up with was the chorus. The version I heard on the old 78s included a couple of verses and the fragment of a third.

Here are three versions in MP3:

10.29.43 Kash sings alone -- maybe hasn't mastered all the words yet.
12.2.43 Kash sings with some sort of insensitive piano accompaniment. I thought maybe it was their player piano, but she says it was defunct during the War, when parts were unavailable.
10.28.44 Kash sings with a group at a family Halloween party. (A few glitches in the restoration)

Verse 1:

Fifty years ago me father left old Erinís shore
He landed with shillelagh in hand
And divil a fair-thee more
He got a job and then a wife
And then a family
But up he dies 
and leaves his old
shillelagh stick to me

Sure itís the same old shillelagh
Me Father brought from Ireland.
And Divil a man prouder than He,
As He walked with it in his hand.
He'd lead the band on Paddy's Day
And twirl it round his mitt
And divil a bit we'd laught at it
Or Dad would have a fit
Sure with the same old shillelagh,
Me Father could lick a dozen men
As fast as they'd get up be golly,
He'd knock 'em down again
And many's the time
He used it on me
To make me understand 
Sure it's the same old shillelagh
Me Father brought from Ireland.

Verse 2:
Iím goiní on the pí lice force
Itís the only thing to do
Instead of having one nightstick
By golly Iíll have two.
If thereís a fight Iíll do all right
Thereís none can bother me
Because I have the old shillelagh 
Father gave to me.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3 fragment:

He used to take it to bed with him
When he'd get home half lit.
And divil a bit we'd monkey with it
Or Dad would have a fit.

Shapiro Bernstein & Co. has this to say: "Crooner Bing Crosby recorded ďItís The Same Old ShillelaghĒ for Decca Records in New York on December 6, 1945. Crosby was at the height of his career and gave a lively interpretation to songwriter Pat Whiteís tale of old Ireland. Though not a chart single for Crosby, the song was one of the highlights of his album entitled Shillelaghs and Shamrocks."