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This is my father's branch of the family, who settled in St. Louis, Missouri. My grandmother Bridget Dunne came from rural County Galway, Ireland, shortly before World War I. The parents of my grandfather Walter Price emigrated from Derbyshire, England, during the late 19th century and have roots in Worcestershire (Price), Derbyshire (Nash) and Lincolnshire (Newham). These histories are included together in the .PDF file "Of Brilliance and Belonging." If you have questions or additional information, contact us!


Family Summary Page, Family Tree PDF

Gen 3. Michael DUNNE and Catherine MARTIN

Children: Ellen, Michael, Bridget, Patrick, Katie, John, Margaret, Mary, Lizzie

Gen 4. Bridget DUNNE (b. 1894, Ballaghduff Ireland.) and Walter PRICE (b. Mar 1893 St. Louis MO USA; d. Jun 6, 1963) (See Generation 5 under PRICE)

Walter PRICE

WJ Price Family Summary Page [USA] , John Price Family Summary Page [Earlier, England], Family Tree PDF

Gen 1. John PRICE (b. 1794 Mathon, Worcestershire, England) and Mary... (b. 1795 Suckley, Worcestershire, England).

Children: John (b. 1817), Harriet (b. 1821), James (b. 1823), Samuel (b. 1826), Philip (b. 1831; wife Jane), William (b. 1836; wife Mary)

Gen 2. James PRICE (b. 1823 Mathon, Worcestershire; d. 1904, Derbyshire) and Ann NASH (b. 1832, Derbyshire, England; d. 1904 or 1910) (See also: The Nashes of Sudbury, and Nashes of Sudbury Family Tree [.pdf])

Children: George (b. 1852; d. 1852), William James (b. 1859)

Gen 3. William James PRICE (b. 1859  Derbyshire, England; d. 1934 St. Louis MO USA) and Sarah NEWHAM (b. 1860) (See also: NEWHAM family below). Emigration: ca. 1883-1884.

Children: Mary Ann (b. 1881 England), William (b. 1883 England), Frank (b. 1887), Ernest (b. 1889), Samuel (b. 1891), Walter (b. 1893), Trevor (b. 1896)

Gen 4. Walter PRICE (b. Mar 1893 St. Louis MO USA; d. Jun 6, 1963) and Bridget DUNNE (b. 1894, Ballaghduff Ireland)

Children: John, Walter Thomas, William, J. Patrick, Mary Ellen

Gen 5. Walter T. PRICE (b. 1922, St. Louis MO) and Kathleen BARRETT (b. 1925, St. Louis MO) (See: In the Beginning, Family Soup, Sweet & Spicy (with movie), Irish Were Egyptians with "Old Green River" movie)


Family Summary Page, Family Tree PDF

Gen 1. [Father] and Charlotte [...] Newham (b. abt 1805 Arthingworth, Northamptonshire)

Children: Mary (b. 1829) and Samuel (b. abt 1831)

Gen 2. Samuel NEWHAM (b. abt 1831, Middleton, Northamptonshire, England) and Frances BENNETT (b. abt 1831, Market Overton, Rutland, England)

Children: Samuel Henry (b. abt 1856), Charles E (b. abt 1858), Sarah Elizabeth (b. 1860), Mary Jane (b. abt 1865)

Gen 3. Sarah NEWHAM (b. 1860; d 1927) and William James PRICE (b. 1859  Derbyshire, England; d. 1934 St. Louis MO USA). Emigration: 1886. (For Generation 4, continue under PRICE)



Price & Dunne Family History

Special Topics & Favorite Themes

Leaving Home

Jim Price Leaves Home. My grandfather's grandfather leaves his family in Worcestershire.

Discoveries & Mysteries

Finding Sarah. I delight to find the records of my great-grandmother

Price Family Emigrates. I keep looking for the passage records of William and Sarah Price from England to the US.

Small Moments

Bridget takes charge. My grandmother intervenes in the family business.

The Lodge. My father discovers the nature of "the lodge" his dad and grandpa belonged to.


Private Price, Part I and Part II for World War I experience,