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Saturday, 7.1.06: Week In Review

West VirginiaTraveling. We were on the road from June 16 till June 27 — I should call our travel program the "no french fry left behind tour." Came home full of energy (and needing to diet).

Projects. I left Rochester thinking about doing radio and came home thinking about revising the unpublished novel I abandoned in 1995. How did that happen? I converted the old documents from Wordperfect to Word and dug into rereading what I wrote before.

We got home on Tuesday in time for me to go to an editorial meeting at the local paper. I'm on the Sounding Board, which is a second-class back-up to the Board of Contributors, but I still like the chance to speak my mind. We got 2 assignments, which I got done on Wednesday morn. (You'll be hearing more about these — esp if I get my opinion published.)

Wed. afternoon I met with Joanne P to hear about her 9-day retreat and to hash out some ideas for a little video/presentation project. I spent Thursday doing a little mock-up of my idea. I haven't used Adobe AfterEffects in a while and it annoyed the hell out of me to realize how much I've forgotten. Grrr...

The subject is "chakras" — the ancient tradition of energy centers along the spine and head. I'd show the tiny prototype to you here, except that I can't get it to work on this web page. Everything is a damn learning adventure. [8:30 AM - ok, try this... if you can't make this play, you may need to upgrade your Flash Player.]

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