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Roadtrip South, September 2009: Summary

Susan, Jim, and friend

Our November trip to Florida was impromptu -- formulated on a day in early November when Jim and I were feeling at loose ends. I wanted to have a creative consultation with my buddy Pat (Daytona Beach) and we were both interested in reconnecting with Jim's son Eric and his family (Tampa) after Eric's brief visit in October. The idea was this: just jump in the car and go. It's crazy to drive 1200 miles in two days (going southward) and only slightly less crazy to take three days (coming back north). Oh well, you gotta be crazy sometimes.

Susan and PatPonce Inlet, near Daytona Beach

I e-mailed my "Grand Exits" manuscript to Pat. The minute we arrived Thursday night she was ready to dig into the project. Her suggested edits and questions zeroed right into the heart of my purpose. I like to call Pat my "coach," but of course only a dear friend would shower me with such attention. Sunday morning, as we packed up the car, Pat was still questioning me and still lobbing me ideas.

Jim hung in with us, though our intensity did drive him out on his own on Saturday. Yes, we did pull away from the "conference table" long enough to walk and bicycle on the beach, but not for long.

Jim and I got in touch with our inner carnivore with scrumptious venison dishes (thanks to her husband's hunting & Pat's Pampered Chef recipes).

Pat and I drank an inspirational amount of beer.

I have pages of notes that I'm now processing.


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Wed 11/18/09 left Rochester

Thu 11/19/09 arrived Ponce Inlet (Daytona area), FL

Sun 11/22/09 arrived Bonita Springs, FL

Wed 11/25/09 arrived Safety Harbor (Tampa area), FL; left on Fri 11/28/09.

Sun 11/29/09 arrived home.

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