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Short movies, with a dash of cranberry.


Be the Change. What's ahead? Light or darkness? Maybe the best advice is Gandhi's: Be the change you want to see in the world. Watch.


Great Dames Take Naps. Manifesto for the post-rat-race woman who has her act together. 2008
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instruction Kerouac

Jack Kerouac: Writing Lesson. Take your lessons on spontaneous writing from the best. 2008
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The Valentine 1955. A conversation starter for groups pondering the politics of diversity. Chosen for screening at the United Nations Association Film Festival, October 2003  
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Mental health issues

Lightening the Load. How working caregivers can help manage anxiety disorders in their older loved ones, produced by the Mental Health Association of Rochester/Monroe County. Produced with Maria Cristalli.
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Learning Respect. Emotionally disturbed youth engaged in Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) reflect on their experience. Produced with Maria Cristalli.
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Lucy's Integrated Plan. Service providers in Allegany County NY introduce a new way of thinking about engaging families and coordinating services. Produced with Maria Cristalli.
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Community events

Sophie: the Polar Bear Project. Excitement builds around one project in the ESL Animal Scramble as children contribute their ideas about family. Produced with Maria Cristalli.
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Artist profiles

Sheila Peters: Artist Emerging. A Rochester artist muses on the duality expressed in her work. Produced with Maria Cristalli.
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Call to action

Lucy. A sister's perspective on the value of Hillside's Parents as Partners for her mom.
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Ghosts. Found film and voices capture the mood of the 1940s. 
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Video & Animation Tutorials & Resources

AnimationPhotoshop Animation: Make an animated GIFof something flying across your background. Intermediate tutorial. Photoshop (4.30.08)

Motion ControlMotion Control: Animating Photographs in After Effects for that "Ken Burns" effect. Intermediate tutorial (11.14.05, revised 4.28.08)

"I'm so sexy": Print to Animation tutorial. (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects) (4.7.04)

Cartoon animation how-to: not exactly a step-by-step tutorial, but an overview of all the steps involved in preparing to produce an animated cartoon -- even a very crude one like mine. (Photoshop, Streamline, Illustrator) (2.18.04)

Mad in Pursuit of Video: I learn digital video, with QT movie "Uncle Booger" (learning hisotry 2.02)

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