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4.11.09 Frustration [+HEX] and a clanging in my head.

Trying to be creative this week but there is a pox on all my software. [+HEX] Too many times my software programs have returned my efforts with a blank stare. Arrrrghhh. Every software upgrade throws in a few more switches, features, and options -- with no documentation or alerts. Just enough to make you waste an afternoon figuring out what you don't know that you used to know.

[+HEX] One of these frustrations sent me to buy a commercial Flash audio player to air the current soundtrack (aka "memoryscape") of "Kathleen's Machine." But it must have been too subtle [+HEX] because I don't think anyone played it. So I got a bigger, bolder "skin" for the player:

Or maybe the composition is just too long and too confusing. [+HEX] Unfortunately I can't find good tutorials on sound mixing for the kind of effect I want. All the how-tos focus on the visual arts. [+HEX] Then I worked diligently on visuals for the memoryscape... but then they didn't fit the sound at all. Or something. (Sample below.)


Socializing led to a couple of mild hangovers (curse of my own making, I know). Had my back teeth reshaped to improve my bite. And for some reason the mild little ringing in my ears decided to become more annoying. So [+HEX +HEX +HEX]... my head is clanging.

Jim and I did have a lovely day yesterday exploring the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge and driving through the rolling pre-spring landscape of Wayne County. But I CAN'T WAIT to see green on our vacation. Only one more week!

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