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Week In Review

1.9.10 Haven't done a week in review since last April. In re-reading my "Getting Things Done" guide, I realize I'd been skipping over the systematic review step. So, the result of my putting everything on index cards is that I have a freakin' box full of index cards that I never refer to and now I'm beginning to repeat myself. Maybe getting back to this Saturday routine will help.

Woke up to the beeping and grinding of snowplows all week. So, attitude adjustment about winter is called for.

Productive Work: Stewardship

As planned, my week was devoted to restocking my Ebay store and getting a few auctions scheduled. Progress! Ground my way through a box of collectible junk ($10-$20 items) and made a good dent in one of the book collections. Annoying realization: I work most efficiently in total silence. Even the softest trance music slows me down. Writing ebay descriptions and doing the listing is boring, repetitive work but prone to errors if my concentration wanders off. I need to post about 50 Hollywood photos from the bottomless shelf this weekend to feel on-target.

Productive work: Passions

Writing on hold till I can ease my conscience about moving some "stuff" out the door.

Exploratory Work

I did take a break to do some Illustrator practice and more introspection, which resulted in the following:

My Job

Infrastructure work

Got my damn printer working. Got my damn network working (except for file-sharing). Replaced my external hard drive. Reorganized the furniture on the ground floor. Broke down my collection of cardboard boxes for packing material vs blue box.

Energizing Not-Work

Good New Year's weekend evening with the extended Rochester family. Zazen almost every day. Workout/yoga almost every day. Finished reading "The Wordy Shipmates." Started reading "Under the Banner of Heaven." Made a big pot of minestrone with my honey.

Next week: Back to writing!

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