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Week In Review

1.23.10 Busy week. Lots of laughs. Plugging away at work.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Ebay auctions did not set my checkbook aglow. Boo. Made my 1,954th sale... I guess they add up.

Kitty Mom and Susan, 1949Productive work: Passions

Charlotte graphic

"The Valentine 1955" (movie) and "Remembering Charlotte in the Rain" (audio) were selected by Hillside Family of Agencies for their Virtual Classroom cultural diversity training modules, as group discussion starters.

Poked away at my "personal mythology" project, inching along through my childhood, trying to figure out what made me so restless that I insisted on going away to college.

Exploratory Work

Ruminating about my youth had me digging through my files, looking at photos, reading old report cards. Wound up scanning upwards of 160 old photos, 1949-1958. After that I hit a definite awkward age and Mom had a few other things going on, so the showboating trailed off. (Photo above: my grandmother Kitty Mom and me at 1 yo, 1949.)

Infrastructure work

Scanning more photos = losing more photos in the jungle of my hard-drive, so I spend some time "tagging" them with key words I'd likely search for.

Spent time organizing and changing passwords.

Energizing Not-Work

Girlfriend week: Monday, downhill skiing and ski-lodge drinking with Maria and Sheila; Thursday, lunch with my "travelers" group (mostly women who used to be in our 1980s scuba-diving club -- all adventurous travelers, but they don't drink).

Sunday, Jim and I did a field trip to the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo. LOTS of visual inspiration there.

Next week: The manuscript Pat marked up should arrive, so hoping that will put another energy boost into my writing project.

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