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Week In Review

4.17.10. Can't wait to hit the road!

Productive work: Passions

I'm back at my book project to see if I can make any breakthroughs before we hit the road.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Price & Zimmer is closed for the spring season as of Friday. Did fairly well on my album auctions, but was surprised at what did well and what didn't. I started my auction of 19th c photos of Pompei at $9.95 -- the album felt kind of "tourist-y" -- but an American soldier stationed near Naples, wound up buying it for nearly $200. A beautiful album of 1904 women touring the coast of Maine and wearing beautiful hats sold for only $30.

Exploratory Work


dad 1978Infrastructure work

Doing my intensive pre-trip clean-up and organizing so that we are road-ready, with the house locked up safe & sound. Lists. Got Queen Camry back to roadtrip condition and spent time lovingly polishing the leather seats and vacuuming the floors and trunk.

Energizing Not-Work

Lots of socializing... Friday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... culminating in a baby shower tomorrow. Wearing me OUT.

Sent out invitations for International Walter T Price Day.

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