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Week In Review

5.22.10 Clinging to the mood of the road, but finally bootstrapping myself back to work.

Productive work: Passions

Completed the next draft of "Grand Exits" -- switching the perspective to third person. Now I have to dig into a revision that weaves together the themes better, then write an epilogue before I hand it to the next reader.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Re-opened my ebay store, but haven't started any new auctions, so action is slow. Also picked up negotiations with an Ohio dealer who might buy our collection of Civil War era cartridges.

Exploratory Work

We came home from vacation with over 800 digital photos. I really wanted to wind up with a lovely slide show of the best ones. This was frustrating beyond all reason -- techno-glitches at every turn. But I finally got a pretty good one posted on Picasa.

I also spent some time on Illustrator, trying to flesh out a little trip cycle (see below). It has words to go with it, but I didn't finish.

journey wheel

Listened to the long keynote sessions of the Google I/O developers conference. Totally a geek thing, but I love hearing about the future of the internet and of mobile devices.

Infrastructure work

Grumbling, I decided to go ahead with Adobe's annual highway robbery and invest in the CS5 upgrade to my Master Suite graphics/video software. Grumbling turned to cursing when I got the package Friday -- it only works on the 64-bit version of Windows. Choice: upgrade my Windows or return the software. Enough tech challenges! My current CS4 is just fine. So back went the software.

Energizing Not-Work

Beautiful weather! Got our geraniums planted. Got outside for some good walks. Also got back to yoga classes. Catching up on the local gossip.

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