mad in pursuit notebook: grand exits

10.16.09. I'm gathering past notebook entries that fit this theme that meanders through my web pages. Lots to explore here. Quitting jobs. Quitting people. Leaving home. That edge between flight and fight. That big decision about going versus staying. About knuckling down or packing up. Hanging in or shipping out.

If I want to turn this assorted entries into a memoir that flows, I have a lot of writing and revising to do.



2003 Career Disillusionment. Part 1 What is the story? (9.21.04)| Part 2 Trying not to delude myself (9.22.04) | Part 3 Great Dames vs Gray Flannel Suits (9.23.04) | Part 4 A revolutionary's deal with the devil, including subsequent progress on "Pandora" (9.24.04)

1970: Bicycle Liberation (7.24.00)

1971: Quitting My First Real Job (4.5.01)

Ellen Gibbons: Going vs. Staying.

8.19.04 Proposed: World Immigrants' Day

1977: When Breaking Up Is Breaking Through (2.15.01)

5.6.05: Leaving Your Country: Where Is "Home" After All?

1971: Grand Exit from Chicago Part 1 (3.26.04) | Part 2 (3.27.04)

6.1.07 Ghosts of Cobh

3.17.05: Women: Irish Emigration's Bold Leading Edge


Various Family History entries