mad in pursuit: favorite themes

threads that wind through my writing


art and artifactsArt & Artifacts

Essays on items that have passed through our hands. Read on>>>


Beyond Me (& Deep Within)

An assortment of entries on spiritual, religious or mythological themes. Read on>>> New project with the working title Quest & Questions is a non-theistic liturgy. Check it out>>>

exile themeExiles & Expatriates

I became preoccupied with exiles and expatriates after I quit my job of 24 years and felt like I was viewing my old world from a mental sidewalk cafe in Paris. Read on>>>

Artist's Adventure

The Artist's Adventure

Contents Page A fascination with Tantric subtle-body energy centers -- chakras -- had me playing with the concepts, trying out their application to various creative situations. I combined this ancient tradition with ideas about "the hero's adventure" from the myth studies of Joseph Campbell, with interesting results.

memoriesMe & My Memories

Occasional essays that piece my life together, written when the mood strikes. Revised when I have something more to say.


Techno Savvy Tutorials

Projector set-up: How to set up a projector to play DVDs or VHS tapes, including the attaching of speakers. (Click on JPG diagram to get PDF version) (6.17.04)

tutorial linkTransfer Image to Cell Phone by Bluetooth. Upload your own drawings or old photos from your computer to your cell phone, using Bluetooth connectivity on both devices. (Bluetooth Cell Phone Tutorial). 3.1.07