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Week In Review

2.13.10 Industrious week on Planet Susan


Productive work: Passions

Came to a "am I finished?" point in my "Grand Exits" manuscript So I began the week with reading it aloud to myself -- it's fun, necessary, grueling. I only got about 1/3 of the way through -- stuck at a sticky point that needs a rewrite.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Good week at the store. Got some fairly expensive books listed and they began selling (good motivator). My first sale to China -- a first edition of Cartier Bresson photos of the streets of China in 1948, during the transition between the Kuomintang and Mao. Also 3 very arcane science of photography books to a guy in NYC. And an movie star scrapbook to a descendant of the famous Barrymore family, now living in England (not Drewe). Very cosmopolitan.

Began resorting 3 boxes of nameless 19th century "instant ancestor" photos that Jim collected because they were all Rochester photographers. We were going to give them to the Historical Society but my contact pooh-poohed them. So I think I'll sell them in lots by subject matter: baptisms, families, young men with mustaches, etc.

sketchExploratory Work

Inspired by "The Line King" (1996), a documentary about the iconic artist Al Hirschfeld, I got out my sketchbook. Hirschfeld said that he is often asked the secret of his success. His response: a willingness to sit here for long hours and do the work.

My "action figures" look like puppets -- when will Susan become "a real girl"?

Infrastructure work

Figured out how to add a video to my Ebay descriptions.

Energizing Not-Work

I was very happy in my cocoon this week, though we did get out to the local Chinese on Tuesday. Yoga, 3 classes.

Next week: Priority 1 -- polishing up my writing project. 2 -- keeping up the pace at Ebay. 3 -- more drawing experimentation.

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