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Week In Review

2.20.10 I've been very focused on my big strategies, but all focus and no edgy distractions makes Susan a dull girl. I decided to look into The Bible.


Productive work: Passions

I'm about 3/4 through the process of reading "Grand Exits" aloud to myself. I can only do it for so long... the fascination with myself wears thin.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Diligent shopkeeping. 14 auctions in process, including 12 lots of 255 cabinet card photographs, all by Rochester photographers. Meanwhile, I got another 6 of my "high-end" books photo'd, video'd, researched, described, and listed.

Exploratory Work

Sue-pocalypse: reading the Bible. I was appalled at Genesis, but after a Facebook conversation with one of my cousins, I downloaded the audio version of Karen Armstrong's The Bible: A Biography. Very helpful in putting the whole thing in historical and philosophical perspective.

Infrastructure work

Irritated that my precious Google Bookmarks won't load on Google's own Chrome browser (and trying to simplify the process of keeping track of myself), I swtiched all my internet bookmarking to delicious, where I already had a lot of bookmarks on specific topics.

Energizing Not-Work

Valentine's Day: Jim and I went to an antique show & the kimono show at the art gallery.

Gym is crowded during school break week, so I went winter walking instead... out of breath but invigorated.

Next week: Priority 1 -- get writing project draft to Pat for another review. 2 -- keep up the pace at Ebay.

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