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Week In Review

2.27.10 Exploratory, fun week.


susan and the sageProductive work: Passions

Hit pause button on my writing... only one more chapter revised.

posterProductive Work: Stewardship

All my auctions resulted in sales... so lots of packing and shipping. Spent a lot of time figuring out how to hang (without damage) and light big movie posters to get photos (sample right). Frustrating, but finally engineered it.

Exploratory Work

New camera. Fun fiddling around with what it can do and documenting the good old-fashioned snow storm that blew through town. Photo/drawing above culminated my creative week. Drawing directly in Photoshop with a tablet is a challenge, but the result is sweet.

Infrastructure work

Includes above photo set-up engineering. Also figured out how to tether the camera to my computer. Not sure it will add to my efficiency, but will definitely add to the fun (except when I'm frustrated).

deb susan carlaEnergizing Not-Work

Lunch out with my "scuba" girlfriends, included discussion of whether geese or swans make better "watchdogs." Extended Happy Hour with Deb and Carla -- cozy snow-storm conversation, plus wine-induced giddiness (photo left).

Still considering the Bible -- interesting to learn and talk about. Listening to Karen Armstrong's "The Bible: A Biography" for the second time.

Next week: Priority 1 -- writing progress. 2 -- another batch up at Ebay.

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