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Week In Review

3.13.10 Where did this week go? Can't believe it's time to review my accomplishments again.


Grand ExitsProductive work: Passions

Can't believe Pat's marked up draft of my Grand Exits manuscript arrived on Monday -- fast!. She was full of suggestions and good ideas and we talked them over at length during our Tuesday cocktail hour (by phone). I spent a good chunk of Tues-Fri morning this week puzzling through possible revisions.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Didn't do too much listing new ebay items, but a few sales came in.

Exploratory Work

New Wacom Inuos 4 graphics tablet for drawing directly into the computer. Played around. (See above.)

Infrastructure work

Taxes. Bleh. All done except for the final "conference" between Jim and me. Had to sum up all the royalties on novel sales and radio productions. I won't be buying that jaguar anytime soon.

Energizing Not-Work

Good conversations. Sad to hear that my Uncle Tom has throat cancer and faces a long haul. The weather has been nice enough to resume walking, though turning rainy.

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