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Week In Review

3.20.10 Sudden spasms in my back and shoulder. Briefly took to my bed with heating pad; then wine cure (well, I was busy); then yoga cure (the cure that worked). Weather was delicious (not that I took advantage).

Productive work: Passions

Worked diligently on the final organization and revision of my memoir project. Now thinking of calling it "Wised Up," with the introductory quote: "A word to the wise is sufficient." Goal: Next draft to others by April 22.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Not much going on with my ebay store. But a couple dealers surfaced in the flesh. One bought a Japanese print -- finally, after a year of dithering. Another is a contact we made last summer, finally coming to town to look over one of the collections. His visit will take quite a bit of preparation to get things laid out and priced. Nervous.

Exploratory Work


Infrastructure work

Taxes. Handed over to the tax man.

Energizing Not-Work

Good conversations: breakfast with Joanne, wine with Nancy, wine with Maria, dinner on Irondequoit Bay with Jim. Yoga: 3 classes. Reading: "Lit" by Mary Karr (a memoir); "PrairyErth" by William Least Heat-Moon (about Kansas).

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