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Week In Review

3.27.10 Very busy week preparing mentally and physically for a visit by an antiques dealer from Ohio.

Productive work: Passions

"Wised Up" was back-burnered this week due to other projects.

Productive Work: Stewardship

Very intense preparations for a visit by an antiques dealer who is interested in our antique firearms collection. You'd think were opening a store but we kept walking ourselves through the process of selling from our kitchen table. I didn't want to bumble.


By Friday morning our kitchen looked like the check-room of a Dodge City whorehouse, with all the 1870s weaponry on the table. Instead of the computer, we just needed an upright piano.

The visit was a sucess -- 17 pistols and 8 powder flasks sold. But, alas, given what we paid for them back in the 1990s... no profit made. Interesting lessons learned for next round...

Exploratory Work

Tried to do some drawing, but my computer problems made it too frustrating. I got as far as putting a new background on the above, which I like.

Infrastructure work

Something is wacky with my damn computer. Every session this week started with a technical FUBAR. One problem: I had 4 USB devices plugged into an unpowered 5-year-old hub. New hub; now plugged in; that issue solved. Then the nice little deskjet I have set up to print index cards gave up the ghost (naturally after I installed new ink cartridges). Now I'm still getting mysterious browser crashes and Windows is failing to start/shut down properly. Something's corrupted somewhere... Grrrrr.

Energizing Not-Work

Tested our new GPS on the road last Sunday, threading our way through the backroads of Wayne County. Cool.

Fun with Jim setting up for our sale and celebrating after. Yoga, 2 classes; walks; back-attack almost cured. Reading: "Lit" by Mary Karr (a memoir); "PrairyErth" by William Least Heat-Moon (about Kansas).

NEXT WEEK: Final push to upgrade Ebay store. Vacation planning. Back to writing.

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