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AFRICA (See more in BEADS & JEWELRY below)

Collection (as of 29 May 2024)

African masks: sacred loot or commercial fine art? (28 Jan 2022)

Bakongo: Minkisi (Power Objects) (20 Apr 2015)

Baule: Order and chaos: the eternal struggle (18 May 2013; 19 Sept 2016)

Congo: Luba Seat of Power (18 Jan 2009)

Egypt: Antique Asyut Embroidery (29 Oct 2013)

Ethiopia: Lost Scrolls of Desire (31 Aug 2012), Healing Scrolls (1 Sept 2012), both updated Nov 2023.

Gabon: Kota Reliquary Guardian (12 Jun 2011)

Ivory Coast: Bete Mask(16 Oct 2012)

Kuba Kingdom

AMERICAS (See more in BEADS & JEWELRY below)

Mexico: Alebrijes: Oaxaca Wood Carvings (17 Nov 2016)

Panamá: Coclé Culture Pottery: Shifting Perspectives (15 Oct 2012)

Panamá: San Blas Island: Kuna People: Classic Molas (8 Oct 2013)


Alabaster Maiden 1929 (20 Jul 2012)

Art Deco Bronze: Danseuse aux Boules (31 Mar 2013)



Romanced by Wandering Amber. Contemplating Saharan journeys on a snowy day. [1.4.03]

Sub-Saharan Agate: Staring into the Universe -- Dot-In-Circle Motif [8 Aug 2012]


Ecuador: Folk Art Necklace with Coins and Medals [20 July 2012]

Guatemala: Coin Rosary [24 July 2012]

Mexico: Yalalag Cross from Oaxaca Area [18 July 2012]


Kazakh Ring (29 Apr 2015)

Pakistan, On the Border: Peshawar Bead Bazaar (12.18.02)

Afghanistan: Tribal Necklace, On A Shoestring (3 Jan 2012)

Afghanistan: Another Necklace on a Shoestring (1 Mar 2019)


China: Romancing the Turquoise (23 Apr 2015, addendum 13 Mar 2019)

From the Sands of Western China: Petrified Coral Beads [11.10.02]


Enigma 243: Bone and Shell Bib Necklace (27 Feb 2019)

Enigma 137: Circle-Dot Bones (26 Feb 2019)


Button Jewelry (2 Jan 2012)

Victorian Mourning Locket (27 Aug 2013)


Face Bead, Ancient Mosaic (29 Aug 2012)

Roman Empire: Roman Glass Obsession (9 Jan 2012)


The Karen Tribal Necklace, an excerpt from "Tribe of the Breakaway Beads"

Digging the Dog Tooth Beads (9 Sept 2014)


Buddhist Mala from Tibet (30 Aug 2012)

dZi Bead: Making of a Good Luck Charm (1 Nov. 2023)

CENTRAL ASIA (See more in BEADS & JEWELRY above)

Afghanistan: What little girls make: war rugs (16 Dec 2001) Listen to radio piece at PRX.

Small Tribal Rugs from Central Asia (27 Apr 2018)

CHINA (See more in BEADS & JEWELRY above)

Liu Songnian: Three Sages Appreciating Antique (11 Mar 2013)


The Santo Doll: Saint for All Seasons (4 Oct 2021)

INDONESIA (See more in BEADS & JEWELRY above)

The Tau Tau: Looking for the Real Thing (Torajaland, Sulawesi) (23 Jan 2001)


Aizen Myo-o: Wrath of Love (23 May 2011)

Album of Painting and Calligraphy (#1850 12 May 2019)

Izuna Gongen: Buddhist Woodblock Detective Work (18 May 2011)

Tanuki: the shape-shifting trickster in my home (3 May 2023)

Kobo Daishi: Who Is He? (18 May 2011)

Netsuke: Tiny Treasures (slide show--requires Flash Player). See also GALLERY on Flickr. (6 Jan 2012)

Ofuda -- Buddhist Woodblock Prints from Japanese Shrines. Gallery on Flickr (2013). The rest of the story: Dutiful. Methodical. Curious. Public. W00t. (13 Apr 2013)

Portable Magic: Japanese Pocket Shrine (31 Dec 2011)

Vairocana: Who Is He? (7 Jun 2011)

Yashitora Manuscript: drawing, calligraphy, oh my! (#1847 13 May 2019)


The Real-Photo Postcard (10.9.2016)

Round The World on the Graf Zeppelin (19 May 2013)

Postcards from Viola (20 Apr 2005)

Civil War Era Letters: Uriah W Stratton: Profile of a Civil War Hero (10 Jul 2013)

Categorizing and Dating Antique Postcards: 1 - Postcard Eras | 2 - Black & White Postcards | 3 - Color Postcards


Ambrotype: What the Eyes See

Daguerreotype: Ghosts in the Mirror. Five men of purpose and friendship.

Daguerreotypes: Capturing Images from Victorian Daguerreotype Jewelry -- a tutorial (6 Sept 2013)

GALLERY: Cased Photos from the 19th Century (Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Tintypes, including a collection of Civil War soldier portraits). On Flickr.

GALLERY: Hollywood Studio Portraits. On Flickr.

GALLERY: Lost Family of Fredonia NY. On Flickr.

Glass negatives: American Farm Children (16 Jun 2005)

Photogravure: Frances Willard: Portrait of A Woman At Work (7 May 2013; rev. 19 Mar 2019)

Civil War Era: Elmira Cornet Band (2 July 2013)

Civil War Era: Reflections on a photograph of Fort Sumter, 1866, by George N Barnard (by Brendan McDermott) (3 Jul 2013)

Civil War Era: Winslow Homer's War -- Finding Inspiration (4 Jul 2013)

Civil War Era: Thoughts Upon Reading the News of Lincoln's Death (by Brendan McDermott) (5 Jul 2013)

World War I and Eastman Kodak: Reconnaissance Mission, 1917 (The Gilbert S. Dey Archive) (13 Jul 2013)

TIBET, NEPAL (See more in BEADS & JEWELRY above)

Looking for Tara (20 Mar 2013)

Green Tara: Sweet Compassion (tangka) (15 Mar 2012)

Chemchok Heruka tangka: lost in the in-between (8 Jun 2011, with updates)

On being a COLLECTOR

The Collector | The Collector, 2

What Spirit Gives Things Their Life?

What Possessed You to Buy That Thing??? Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Strangled in Tangles of Beads [updated 4.1.02]


Themes emerging from beginning sales on eBay.


HEADLONG: Over the Edge in Pakistan and China (2018) Traveler's tale of a 1992 adventure. A poorly planned roadtrip takes long-time lovers Susan and Jim to forbidden places and lost times. Kindle.

THE SUDDEN SILENCE: A Tale of Suspense and Found Treasure (2015) Thailand: lovers of ancient treasure tangle with international black markets. Delia Rivera pulls Martin Moon back into the game and their quest turns deadly. In paperback and Kindle editions.

TRIBE OF THE BREAKAWAY BEADS: Book of Exits and Fresh Starts (2011) Time after time, Mary asks herself: Do I go or do I stay? She finds her power in her ancestors: Smart women turn discontent into action. An illustrated memoir in paperback and Kindle editions.

PASSION AND PERIL ON THE SILK ROAD: A Thriller in Pakistan and China (2008) The twin forces of revenge and redemption drive Nellie MacKenzie and Taylor Jackson on a crazed adventure into the heart of Central Asia. They grapple with issues of ethics, trust, rage, and bitter heartbreak -- as well as the intrigue of the international antiquities trade. In paperback and Kindle editions.



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