6 Sept. Using AI to (Finally) Make Friends with My OldĀ Face

6 Sept. God Bless You, Mr. Nelson: the Leclaire Experiment (newsletter)

23 Aug. How to Spin History into a Good Family Yarn (newsletter)

9 Aug. 5 Motivators That Got Me Through My Big Writing Project (newsletter)

5 Aug. KITTY'S PEOPLE Preface (excerpt)

26 Jul. Shark Week! (Deep Sea Nostalgia) (newsletter)

12 Jul. Self-Coaching: Imagined vs. Big Tech AI (newsletter)

28 Jun. When Book Characters Get Real [Writing Life] (newsletter)

14 Jun. Busting Through the Blues [Craft] (newsletter)

31 May. Is Your Secret Sharer a Human Being? (newsletter)

17 May. When the Caregiver Needs Care (newsletter)

3 May. Tanuki: the shape-shifting trickster in my home (newsletter)

19 Apr. The Power of "Chronological Order" (newsletter)

5 Apr. Scanmania! Mining the Paper Junkyard (newsletter)

22 Mar. A Fairy Tale about an Old Woman & Her Doll (newsletter)

13 Mar. The Conversation: Finding Samuel Newham

8 Mar. Miniatures and Microcosms: See with New Eyes (newsletter)

24 Feb. The Magic of Maps in Storytelling (newsletter)

19 Feb. Map Insights: Modie and Joe Flanagan in Chicago

19 Feb. Map Insights: Kitty Makes Friends with Francis

8 Feb. Worldbuilding with OneNote (newsletter)

25 Jan. The Fabric of Fact and Imagination (newsletter)

12 Jan. Edgar: the Doll from Nevermore

8 Jan. Antonia: from ragamuffin to boho girl about town

6 Jan. Tempest: "Earthy" Doesn't Mean Frumpy--A Doll Makeover

2 Jan. Gem Dolls: Antique Brooches on Woolly Figurines

1 Jan. 2023: Using the Arts as My Stairway to Heaven (newsletter)

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